1. SAFETY FIRST- Read and follow all these safety rules. This is strictly a guide. Please use common sense if an emergency should occur.
  3. Compatible age groups must play on the unit at the same time. Age groups must not be mixed. Different-sized children must not be mixed.
  4. The inflatable unit should not be operated in winds exceeding 15 mph or in rain or lightning conditions. Under no circumstances is climbing on the exterior of the inflatable allowed.
  5. The maximum number of users allowed in the standard 13X13 bounce house/inflatable is:
    Ages 2-8…………..5 children maximum
    Ages 9-13…………4 children maximum
    Adults………………3 maximum
  6. DO NOT install an inflatable near a pool.
  7. NO SHOES- Do not wear shoes of any type while in or on the inflatable.
  8. NO SHARP OBJECTS- Make sure no sharp objects are in or on clothing.
  9. NO EYEGLASSES- Do not wear eyeglasses in or on the inflatable.
  10. All persons MUST remove shoes, glasses, jewelry, or anything else that may harm the inflatable, other users of the inflatable or anyone in door area or around the inflatable.
  11. NO flips, somersaults, or horseplay.
  12. NO food, drinks, silly string, or gum inside or near (within 10 feet) of the inflatable. If this occurs, there will be a $300 cleaning fee to remove residue from the inflatable.
    NO SILLY STRING – damage from the silly string will result in you being responsible for the replacement of the unit plus freight and loss of rent.
  13. DO NOT tape or fasten anything to the inflatable.
  14. DO NOT MOVE the inflatable unit from the space where it was installed. If the inflatable unit moves, pull the inflatable back to its original location of the installation and resecure.
    When a loss of power occurs, the inflatable will slowly start to deflate. REMAIN CALM! This situation tends to cause panic unless you stay calm and relaxed. Talk calmly to those inside telling them not to panic while you help them get out. Check to see if the blowers have been turned off or if the cord has become unplugged from the outlet. If so, plug them back in and the unit will re-inflate. Do not leave the unit unattended to check on any problems. Ensure everyone is out, and then address the issue. (If the inflatable deflates and exit is not found, please advise the users to locate the square on the roof and push it out to exit the bounce house.)
    Bad weather can arrive in the form of rain, lightning, or strong winds exceeding 15 mph. In any case, you want to evacuate the inflatable as quickly and safely as possible. Stay calm and focused assisting the users to exit promptly. After the unit has been cleared, deflate the unit by turning off the blower and moving the blower to a dry location.
  17. DAMAGE
    If the inflatable becomes damaged while in operation, take the following steps: If it is ripped or otherwise begins to lose air, assist all users from the unit and deflate it. Call the Lessor immediately. Then, write down what happened, when, and other details you observed and submit this report to Lessor.

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